蜜桃产品 一区一区三区于2014年12月成立北京,致力于专用金属有机新材料及相关产品的研发和产业化。公司拥有一支名校博士后、博士带队的专业研发团队,坚持以替代进口为发展目标,解决专用金属有机新材料及相关产品的“卡脖子”难题,努力成为该细分领域的领跑者。

蜜桃产品 一区一区三区以北京公司为运营总部,在天津、安庆设立了研究院,建有合计2万多平米配套齐全的研发实验室;在辽宁盘锦和山东济宁打造了合计近200亩的中试和生产基地,建立了多条专业生产线。所推出的产品包括:为新药领域提供的金属有机蜜桃产品 一区一区三区和相关专用助剂,如锂、镁等金属有机产品;为半导体领域提供的原子层积用前驱体新材料和表面处理用特种硅烷,如铪源、硅源等产品;为石化聚蜜桃产品 一区一区三区行业提供的第三代茂金属催化产品及助剂等专业,如茂锆、蜜桃产品 一区一区三区等产品。

蜜桃产品 一区一区三区采用精细化的研发生产管理体系和高标准的质量管理体系,通过了ISO9001认证,是国家高新技术企业,拥有几十项专利技术,建有完善的研发-中试-产业化机制,不断迭代研发、生产高精尖行业所需的高端金属有机新材料及相关产品。公司始终秉承“合作共赢、发展共享”的价值观和“专业、高效”的服务宗旨,努力打造完善的服务体系,为高科技行业提供高品质的产品和专业的服务!

蜜桃产品 一区一区三区,成就无限可能!

Profile of Infinity Scientific

Infinity Scientific was established in Beijing in December 2014, dedicated to the research and industrialization of specialized leading organicmetalic materials and related products. The company has a professional research and development team led by postdoctoral fellows and doctors from prestigious universities, keep focusing on domestic development and manufacturing, solving the bottleneck supplement challenge of customers, and striving for leadership in this segmented field.

With Beijing company as its operating headquarters, Infinity Scientific has established research institutes in Tianjin and Anqing, with over 20,000 square meters of fully equipped research and development laboratories; We has also built pilot and production manufacture bases, totally nearly 200 acres in Panjin, Liaoning and Jining, Shandong, and established multiple professional production lines. The products launched so far include: organometallic catalysts and related special additives for the pharmaceutical industry, such as Lithium, Magnesium and other organometallic products; Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) precursors and special Silane for surface treatment in the semiconductor industry, such as Hafnium sources, Silicon sources, and other products; professional third-generation metallocene catalytic products and additives for the petrochemical polyolefin industry, such as Zirconocene complexes and organic Titanium complexes.

Infinity Scientific adopts a refined research and development production management system and a high standard quality control and assurance system. We have passed ISO9001 certification and being a national high-tech enterprise with dozens of patented technologies. It has established a comprehensive research and development pilot industrialization mechanism, continuously iteratively developing and producing high-end organometallic new materials and related products required by high-precision and cutting-edge industries. The company always adheres to the values of "win-win cooperation, and shared development" and the service tenet of "professionalism and efficiency", striving to create a complete service system and provide high-quality products and professional services for the high-tech industry!

Infinity Scientific supports unlimited possibilities for achievement!